A multidisciplinary approach to projects

Realising modern machines, tightcalibres or productionline designs, new bridges or locks including all tractions demand each time a specific treatment. We invite you to have a look at one of the projects we implemented, the Reineveldbrug.



One of the projects which Demako have implemented, was the Reineveldbrug.   These lies to Rein-Shiecanal in the heart of Delft in the Netherlands.

  • The Reineveldbrug is a movable bridge which is in proportion to other bridges rather broad for its cover.  As it happens she contains 4 lanes, 2 foot paths, 2 bicycle paths and 2 tram lines.

    It is a modernisation project where a new bridge fall and new traction are placed.   Because of the lack of space in the existing cellar there has been opted for a split up, synchronised, mechanical traction.


    The designconcept of the bridge fall and traction have been executed by a study office, designated by the construction lord. The task of Demako started with the detail design of the turn points and the movement work.


    After approval of the implementation drawings the next phase has started, namely, the production. After fabricating and preserving all parts are as much as possible preassemblied in our works place, so that it could be placed in the cellar afterwards.

  • The drive mechanism exist of a centrally established electric engine with handbrake, which operates a square reduction case. The square reduction case operates 2 externally beared shafts which for their part intervenes on a central shaft with beared pannamawheeles.

    The pannamawheel is not a complete wheel. .  It has been balanced with a leverage. These pannamawheels have been linked on the ballast side of the bridge fall by means of a spring buffer .

    In case of electric panne the bridge can be handmoved with 2 speeds.


    The bridge fall has been hinged established on 4 support points in line.  The 4 shafts twist in ballbearings with self-employed maintenance-free.  This whole movement mechanism is build on one frame and has a total mass of 180kN.

A few more examples of Demako projects

  • “Amoras dredging portal” - Mechanical drive system

    “Amoras dredging portal” - Mechanical drive system

    Design and construction (production and assembly) of the electro-mechanical drive system for the dredging portal and the transport systems for the augers. Design and construction (production and assembly) of the mechanical components of the central turning point.
  • "Scheepsdale bridge" of Brugge

    "Scheepsdale bridge" of Brugge

    Design and construction (production and assembly) of the rolling contactpoints, v-block centermechanism, supporting rolls, mounting frame for the hydraulic cylinders, cylinder heads and locking machinery.
  • "Rotating railway bridge" - Willebroek

    "Rotating railway bridge" - Willebroek

    Design and construction of a “lift and turn” system called the “Carrousel” for a rotatable railway-bridge.
  • "Rolling bridge" - Grevelingen

    "Rolling bridge" - Grevelingen

    Delivery and mounting of the carriages and supporting points beneath the bridge.
  • "Demey water lock" - Oostende

    "Demey water lock" - Oostende

    Renovation of the hydraulic drive system used for driving the lock gates.
  • "Barrage" - Oudenaarde

    "Barrage" - Oudenaarde

    Design, production and assembly of the drive system for the barrages.
  • "Boulevard" bridge - Willebroek

    "Boulevard" bridge - Willebroek

    Manufacturing and mounting of the hinges, hydraulic pistons, safety pins, locking machinery.
  • "Water lock 18" - Bocholt

    "Water lock 18" - Bocholt

    Placement of new drawbridge: hinges (deck of bridge, balance arms, driving units, mechanical machining of bridge parts), drawbar, cylinder head Lock: mechanics of driving units lock gates and slide gate valves.

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